Rayzza! One tool to organize a team for your next adventure
Rayzza! One tool to organize a team for your next adventure

Adventure tastes better in good company!

Share your passion for sightseeing, skiing, hiking, sailing, camping, surfing or whatever you like to do with others.

Organized information in one place. Notifications on your phone.

Forget about emails, PDFs, docs, and chaos in group chats. Keep all the information in one place (description, itinerary, links, photos, lists) and notify the whole group about updates and changes in the program.
Rayzza! One tool to organize a team for your next adventure. Download now.

New adventure step by step

Describe your idea of a trip

Do you need a break and experience the adventure? Ready to visit a new country or try a new cool activity? Or do you just need to plan your holiday? Create the trip page and describe your idea of the trip. Add the detailed itinerary, more useful information and links, some pictures, and payment detail

Share it with people you want to travel with

You don't want to go alone, right? Send a code to your trip to others and invite them to have fun together. Already have a group of travelers? Do the same. Don’t have anybody to travel with? Share a trip on social media and invite people to join you.

Collect the first money to cover booking costs.

Do you need to make a deposit for accommodation, transportation, or any other service? Easily collect money from participants, set the payment deadline and let the app remind people about the payment.

Send messages and notifications

When plans change, update your itinerary in the app and automatically notify your entire travel group. For important new details or quick messages, send them directly through the app, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Plan Like a Pro

Group trips made easy

Flexible and free

Start with our free basic plan and explore. For professional organizers, tour operators, and tourist guides, our PRO version offers the advanced features you need.
Learn more about PRO  east

Not just for travel

Rayzza is your go-to tool for any group activity, from company integration trips to events, training sessions, meetings, and sports. Be creative!

Cool new features coming!

As Rayzza grows, so do the possibilities. Desktop access will soon make organization even smoother. Participants will be able to access essential trip information offline, and organizers will have the ability to collect payments safely before trips.
Tell us what you think

Already used Rayzza? Feel free to leave us a feedback! We'd love to hear about your experience with our app.

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Are you invited on a trip?

Join with the code

Just enter the code provided by your organizer to see every detail of your trip in one convenient place

Review and decide: join or decline the trip

Get a full preview of your itinerary, including accommodations and daily activities. Choose to join or easily notify if you can't make it.

Joined? Keep trip details close at hand

Once joined, find all details at your fingertips – from must-have items and interesting places to visit, to other essential trip info

Stay updated with instant notifications

Receive immediate notifications about any changes and crucial messages from your organizer, keeping you informed before and during your journey.

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