Rayzza! for Professional Tour Organizers and Travel Agencies

Rayzza! is a mobile app for organizers of travel and sports trips. It simplifies the lives of those who plan trips and manage travel groups.

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How It Works

Create, invite, notify - all in one app

Simply create your trip within the app and include all essential details like trip plan, trip description, accommodation, and price.
Send out invitations to participants with a unique trip code. Once they install the app, they gain instant access to all the trip information right on their mobile phones.
Keep your group informed about any itinerary changes or new details through the app. It automatically sends updates and allows you to send messages, showing who has read them. All notifications are promptly delivered as push notifications to participants' phones and are also accessible within the app.

Key features for smarter tour management

With Rayzza!, every detail of your trip is just a tap away, making travel management as simple as it gets.

Instant access to trip information

All participants have complete trip information on their phones. You don't need to create PDFs, send emails, print materials, make phone calls, or explain things repeatedly.

Real-time notifications and messaging

Update schedules or send important information through the app. Everyone gets notified instantly, and you can see who has read your messages.

Eco-friendly and time-efficient

You're not just organizing trips more efficiently, you're also making an eco-friendly choice. By eliminating the need for paper documents, you contribute to environmental preservation. Plus, your group enjoys cutting-edge technology on par with leading tour operators

Pricing Plans

Choose your ideal Rayzza! PRO option

All essential features of Rayzza! are free for every user, both trip organizers and participants.
Sending messages to participants is a paid feature, but you can try it for free. The first 3 messages to participants for each trip are free. To send an unlimited number of messages, you need to choose one of the paid plans:
90 zł
/ per month
2 weeks free trial
Unlock limitless travel experiences with monthly subscription for all your trips and groups!
999 zł
/ per year
1 month free trial
Unlock pro features for all your created trips and groups with our annual subscription - elevate every journey!
90 zł
/ per one trip
Upgrade one of your trips. The subscription lasts from the moment when your trip is created until the end.
Please note that you can select and purchase your plan right from the Rayzza! app. Payments are processed securely within the app using the App Store and Google Play payment systems.
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Success Stories

What our customers say

Highly recommended!! The app helped me save 80% of the work related to organizing tourist trips. The client has the entire trip plan, costs, additional information, and most importantly, receives notifications about any modifications to the plan! There's no need to repeat or remind about everything! And every organizer, pilot, and guide knows how exhausting it can be over time :) AMAZING! Fantastic app!
Michał Cieślak
Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions about Rayzza!

Can I use Rayzza! for free?


Yes, the Rayzza! app is free for both participants and organizers. You can access essential features at no cost. However, please note that messaging participants is a premium feature, available in our paid plans.

How to buy a subscription?


Purchasing your Rayzza! PRO subscription is simple and secure. Just open the Rayzza! app, choose your desired plan, and complete the payment process via Google Play or the App Store. Remember, all transactions and subscriptions are managed within the app.

How can I cancel my subscription?


You can cancel your subscription anytime in the app or on a list of your subscriptions in Google Play or App Store. Go to your profile screen in the app, find a name of the plan and choose to cancel it. You will be redirected to Google Play or App Store to finish the process.

What happens if I switch devices?


Your Rayzza! PRO subscription is linked to your account, not your device. This means you can switch between devices without any hassle. Just log in to your Rayzza! account on any new device, and your subscription will be there waiting for you.

Still have questions? Drop us a line at contact@rayzza.com
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